Adam Jed
Hello Jed,

I was born Adam Jedrzejowski, actually, but my father had our surname
legally changed when I was 6 years old, because hey, even fellow Polish
people were getting it wrong all the time!  He had been using Jed as a
last name since the 50's anyway.  So, since then, my legal name is Adam
Jed (Jed being the family name), but most people I know refer to me as
Jed, for a couple of reasons.

One is that if they see my name on paper before they meet me, they
naturally think my last name is Adams (like Grizzly Adams?) so my first
name must be Jed.  My sisters Krystyna and Zofia occasionally get
mistaken for guys named Jed as well, because of their atypical names. 
Another reason is that, while growing up, there was a boy a year older
than me on our street (and in my school) named Adam, so they called me
Jed to avoid confusion.  Yet another reason is that when I am
introduced to new people, the person introducing me will more often
than not introduce me as Jed because that's how they know me.

Then, when the movie "Return of the Jedi" came out, like a lot of other
Jeds in this world, we became known as Jedi Knights.  Though at first I
tried, I just couldn't beat it, so I joined it instead and embraced the
nickname.  To this day, I use it as a nickname, especially on the
internet.  It's only unfortunate that I love Star Trek and am
indifferent to Star Wars!

The picture I am sending along is a picture of me dancing in the Polish
Folklore Dance Ensemble "TATRY" where I live in Montreal, Quebec (yes,
that's in Canada.)  So, because I make my home here and am of Polish
descent, I am fluent in English, French and Polish.  I take pride in my
Polish heritage and have been dancing in the group for 25 years now,
and have been the Vice-President since 1995.  Check us out at .

I work for Ernst & Young (one of the Top 5 accounting firms in the
world) and am close to receiving a university degree in journalism,
which I have been studying on a part-time basis.

Glad to be a Jed,

Adam Jed


<< J E D I >>    Never under-estimate the power of the Dark Side!