Jed Adame
Part One December 15, 2005

My wife is pregnant with our third child and we are
actually praying for a healthy baby girl. But just this past
weekend, we found out that we are having a boy for the third
time. We already have a name for a baby girl since my second
son but it looks like we won't be able to use it yet again.
So here we go again looking for a baby boy's name. My
first son's name start with letter L, and my second son start
with K. So, we figured we should name our third son with a
letter J to keep the backward Alphabet going. Just the
other day, I read an article about this Filipino dude winning
a grand slam on the International talent competition and
his name was "JED". I didn't think much of it until my wife
told me while tucking the kids in bed last night that
perhaps we should name our third son "JED". We were looking to
pick the name Jerich but mindful that the kids will make
fun of his name and call him Jerk or something. Anyways, I
kind of like the name because of the Article
I read earlier so I did not object with the JED name. My
wife was actually pleasantly surprise about that. And today,
I figured I look up what the Jed name means and walah! I
stumbled to the website. And yes, I am definitely
naming my 3rd son Jed. This will keep him inline with his
brother's one syllable names (Lance & Keith).

Sonny Adame
Part Two   March 15, 2006
Hi Jed,
A new Jed is born. Jed Emmanuel P. Adame
Born: March 15,2006 at 9:23 PM
Weight: 5 lbs 3 oz
Height: 18 inches.

I guess this new Jed lives up to his name. He just can't
wait to see the world and decided to come out a month early.
He is doing very well and is home with mommy and his two
brothers, Lance and Keith.

Sonny Adame


Part Three August 2009

We, Keshlay and Katrina, are two of Jed’s many (18 to be exact)
cousins. We just found out about this awesome JED website, and we thought it was
pretty cool that our youngest cousin (he’s number 19) is on this site.

Jed is now 3 years old and wants to be a “big boy.” He strives to catch up with his older brothers,
Lance and Keith, who are always running around and beating each other up. So this
weekend, they came over my, Katrina’s, house with shaven heads; they all looked
like the Avatar from that cartoon Avatar: The Last Airbender. Jed always seems to
be glued to his mother’s arms (or legs!) when they are within 10 feet of each other,
or pretty much under the same roof. When his mom isn’t around, he tries to play
with his brothers but gets brushed off, and eventually plays by himself. Aww. It’s
okay. This boy has a very big imagination.

Jed is very eloquent for a three year old. He’s articulate compared
to his brothers at this age; he talks like an old man. Haha. Not only is he brains,
but he has brawns; he enjoys showing off his muscles. When his brothers get the
attention, he always says in this cute quiet voice, “what about me?!” haha. This
boy is pretty funny. Lance, his eldest brother (6), has a girlfriend. Keith,
his older brother (4), is already asking his parents to marry his girlfriend,
and Jed is looking for one at the moment. Yet again, “What about me?! I don’t have
a girlfriend!” lol

Jed, by the time you’re reading this, you’ll probably have
armpit hair (don’t deny it!!!!! Muahahaha!) and either laughing at this, or
cringing. Hopefully a little bit of both :)

Let us know when you read

Your Ate Kesh and Ate Katet. YAYAYAY!