Jed Anderson
 Hi, im Jed Anderson from Scotland
I am 15 and my name is simply Jed. Not short for anything else. I have never met anyone called Jed in my life and have only seen the name Jed for somebody else in some credits for a film.
According to my mother, she was going to choose either Jed or Lee out of a name book, but my brother wanted Jed because it was different, so thats how my name came to be.
I have been called a 'Jedi' out of Star Wars by various annoying individuals but by most other people they accept my name and only really ask if its short for anything.
There isn't really any advantages about having the name, I like it because its different and I was surprised to find a webpage like this when i typed, ''.
Love the website, keep it up.
Jed, obviously.