jed appelrouth
Jed  Ian Appelrouth

Hello to all my fellow Jeds.

First off, I am thrilled to find a Jedsite on the world
wide web.

Brilliant Idea.
Like most of you, I love having the name Jed.

Growing up I found it a bit trying, for whenever an
introduction is made, no one ever
gets it right the first time around- as you all must be
well aware."Jay?" "Jeb?" "Jeff?" "Jared?"

I most always spell it out for them, or make some
self-deprecating comment in the vein of,
"you know... Jed Clampit- like in the Hillbillies?" And
that normally gets the point across,
especially if they used to watch the Hillbillies.

Here in the south, people always want to know if my name is biblical, from
Jedidiah, and I must politely decline. It's just J E D,
short for me, and that's it.

If you hadn't noticed, my name is actually Jed I
Appelrouth. So I get to be a Jedi in addition to being a Jed.
I was born in 1975 so I beat George Lucas by a coupla years.

My friends call me jedi, or jethro, or jeddy, or jerethra,
and sometimes I call myself jj for fun, even though there's no reason for
it: kind of like JJ from Good times. One girl in college
called me Jedward,but that was her own inside joke.

My brother's name is David, My best friend is David,
My best friend in New Mexico is David,
I have 3 close family friends named David, and it's all quite confusing.
How nice to have a name that is relatively unique. My
physics teacher once said that we need social security
numbers, as our names are far from unique. His name was Mike Brown, but Jed Ian
Appelrouth- I think there's only one. And that's really cool. I'm going
to be sure to give all my kids really unique names like Jed so they'll
have to adapt to them and buck convention from an early age.

Well, that's about a rap on my jedliness. I paint and teach too.
If you want a link to 2cool websites- my art is online at
and my tutoring business is online at . good stuff.

Okay. All the best.

Long live the Jeds!

Jed Appelrouth