Jed Asmus

I'm a Jed

My full name is Jedadiah N. Asmus and I am 27.

I got my name because my dad and uncle were driving around
the LA area and my uncle saw a street sign with my name on it, and I
was namedJed.

This site is great. In all my years I have only met 3 other Jed's.
At times its great to have a unique name, but it is constantly getting
mis-spelled or simply changed to Ted. I guess people just
don'texpect the name.

The first Jed I ever met was during a junior high baseball game. The
funny thing was that he had the same number, batted in the same place
in the line up and played the same position. A little
creepy at that age.

I am a Ruminant Nutritionist in the California Central Valley and have
recently completed a Masters at UC Davis. I plan to get a law degree
before I turn 50. I'm giving myself some time because I
have anamazing wife and would love to start a family.

Jed Asmus