Jed Barnett 

as you probably have figured out already, my brilliant, unique title is the simple perfection of jed. 
i live in texas, and i am 15 years old.  i have never in my whole life encountered anyone else with such a great name. 

i was amazed to find how many jeds there actually are in the world. 
quoting 2 samuel 12:24-25  " then david comforted bath-sheba and when he slept with her, she conceived and gave birth to a son and named him solomon.  and the lord loved the baby, and sent congratulations and blessings through nathan the prophet.  david nicknamed the baby jedidiah (meaning "beloved of Jehovah") because of the lords interest." 

so there you are all the jeds in the world. you are beloved of Jehovah God. 

thanks to jed gillin for putting together a great site. 

may the force be with you....always 

jedidiah lee barnett