Jed Becker


Hey, I'm Jed (obviously) Becker

I thought this site is the coolest site since I first visited it in 2000 or
2001.  I just finally got around to putting my name up.  Well, my full name
is Jedidiah James Becker.  The initials are pretty cool, they work out to be
a nice JJB.  I wouldn't mind being called JJ sometimes, but everyone has
always called me Jed for the 16 years of my life.

Solomon was renamed Jedidiah in the Bible, and that's where I got my name.
Having the name Jed has its ups and downs.

Some ups: I get called Jedi, and I'm a huge Star Wars fan.  Plus, the
fourth letter of my name is an "i" anyway! People rarely forget my name.
Like if I had a name like Bob or Fred, I would just get swished around in
everybody's memory, mixed with a bunch of other Bobs and Freds.  I stand out.
Some downs: I often get called Chad or Jeff, but worst of all and most
commonly, I get called Jeb.  I don't like the name Jeb. Jed makes me sound like a hillbilly, but I'm not.

Anyway, it's nice to release some of my inner feelings about my
name.  No, but seriously, this site is hilarious and cool.
-Jed Becker