Jed Bennett

Good to meet you Jed,

It's fun to see what you can find when you "Google" your name.  I would never have believed that I shared the same first and last name with someone else, but I suppose there are enough people in the world that although we are unique, we may have a common denominator. 

My full name is Jedediah Nathaniel Bennett, but I have always gone by Jed.  While most people I meet ask if this was a family name, my father's true intent was to name me after Jedediah Smith, a discoverer who pioneered in the Northwest.  Believe it or not, my father named my older brother, Jeremiah, after Jeremiah Johnson. 

As many other Jed's may be able to attest to, growing up with the name "Jed" gives young kids some ammunition to make us the butt of many of jokes.  My all-time favorite pot-shot on my name is Jedediarrhea.  I believe my own cousins actually came up with that one. 

Although I was teased growing up, I find that many women like the sound of Jedediah.  I can't tell you how many times I am asked to pronounce my full name to someone who sees my name on an application, receipt or credit card.  I am usually greeted with a warm smile and an "I like that," after I say my name. 

Having such a unique name as Jedediah "Jed" has its advantages in never being forgotten.  It is a very easy name for someone to commit to memory via association such as, Jed = head, or Jed = bed, or Jed = dead, or Air-head Jed, Jed = Beverly Hillbilly.  The hits just don't stop coming.  I have learned that by having such a name, I have to be able to roll with the punches and not take any mispronouncings, mispellings or someone's good hearted jabs personally.  I can honestly say I would not want another name and I look forward to being Uncle Jed some day. 

That said, it's good to meet another Jed and I would be honored to join the other Jed's at


Jed Bennett