Jed Berger

Hi Jeds, 

What a funny idea for a site. Well I am another Jed. Jed Alexander Berger. I am 21 and attend George Washington University as a Sports Management major. 

I am just a Jed and not a Jedediah, though my older sister always used to tell me that was my real name, I learned when I was old enough to read and saw my birth certificate that I was simply Jed. 

Being a Jed hasn't always been easy... the dumb nicknames, that stupid beverly hill billy song which I am sure all of us Jed's know all too well. However, with the last name of Berger, kids had plenty in my last name to poke fun at me about. Plus some relatives really wanted my name to be "Frederick" which would have been something I definitely could not have handled. 

Well, I thought that I should add something to the site, being a Jed I 
felt a sort of belonging. Anyway, bring great things to our name 
everybody and thanks for creating