Jed Bickman

Hi!  My name is Jed.  That's why I put my name on this site.  

Because my name is Jed.  

And so, I put it on this site, with all the other Jed's.  I  have a last name, too.

It's 'Bickman.'

Would you like to hear a joke?

There were two sausages frying in a pan.  The first sausage 
said to the other one, "hey, it's gettin' kinda' hot in here."  The 
second sausage turns to the first, and says "Oh, my god, a talking sausage!"

You've got to say the punchline funny.

I'm a pacifist socialist. My hero is Emma Goldman.  

If you don't know who she is, LOOK IT UP!


Jed Bickman