Jed Bindeman

i was bored today so i decided to look up, just to see if some genius had a site called that. and alas! there is one!  and it's dedicated to all the jeds of the world!  amazing! 
my full name is jed francis bindeman.  i'm 17 and from maryland, but am going 
to school here on long island.

over the years i must've been asked about 10,000 times 
"is jed short for something?" and i always say "no, that's my full name" and i always get some very confused look. fools.

having this name has been very, very frustrating. 
especially introducing myself to people, i have to repeat my
name at least 5 times and usually have to spell it out too, which is quite annoying...

jed is the greatest name ever!!! that's all. 

oh yeah, i also know of a few bands w/ the name jed in it: 
the technical jed    (from virginia, i think) 
and a few more i can't think of right now.  oh well. 

thanks for the great site, "brother"! 

jed bindeman