Jed Blacker

Hi Jed,

There's something I never get to say without looking in a mirror. 

I stumbled across your website because someone on facebook told me to put a .com after my first name to see what came up. Seeing as I've met one other "Jedd" my entire life, I had to add myself.

First, I am 32, from Michigan. I am really a Jedediah. My mom named me after Barnaby Jones' nephew, Jedediah Jones, played by Mark Shera. I started out as Jeddy as a boy and now I'm just Jed. 

I have always loved how unique the name Jed is and I get compliments every time I have to show my ID. The name is great since people tend to remember it, but is also cursed since the vast majority of humans are dyslexic when these 3 letters are combined. How hard is it to not call me Jeb? 

As i said before, Ive only met one other "Jedd" (he was a true Jedd) in person. Oddly we shared the same birthday and were both lefties. 

Anyways, cool site. If i ever meet another Jed ill send him, or her (Jedediah Bila) here.


Jedediah Blacker