Jed Blake
Fellow Jed,
I found your web site today and would like to add my name.
I am Jed Blake living in Las Vegas, NV. My name is derived from Jedadiah my grand dad's name. It was shortened by the time I came around in the early eighties.
Positives: the best thing about being named Jed is its such a unique name. Prior to my current job, I was in outside sales, everyone would always remember me cause of the name; I can always sign up for an email account w/ my first and last name cause no ones ever tried it.
Negatives: People always mispronounce it (its only three letters!); You can never find a novelty placard with your name on it; I'm half mexican and the spanish language pronounces the "J" with an "H" so I have a nickname with the relatives.
Thanks for the website, keep up the good work
Jed Blake