Jed Bodger


My name is Jedediah Riley Bodger, and ever since i was born, i have
gone by Jed, because that is my name of course.  i am currently a
student at Saint Mary's College of California.  i am an academic all
american on the football team and if you would like a picture of me,
there is one available on, i am number 59 and there is an
accompanying article.
My father's name is john, my two brothers names are jason and john
respectively, my nephew's names are jordan and josh, and my
grandfather's name was john.  as you can see it's a family affair to
have names for boys that start with J, fortunately, i was the only one
blessed enough to have the name jedediah. 

When i was younger i was teased and harassed for my name, and i always wanted 
to change it, until i realized that it was unique and beautiful.  it also didn't hurt that i
rapidly became much larger than all of the other boys, and hence the
teasing immediately stopped.

Power to the jeds!!!!

sincerely and proudly,

Jedediah R. Bodger