Jed Brioso

hi im jed brioso, i am a filipino, and first off, i am very happy for your website, because you have created one just for all of the jeds for the world. okay, now onto my information :

first name: Jed
middle name: Madarang
last name: Brioso
nationality: Filipino, half Indian
place of birth: philippines
birthday: May 6, 2003
address: Mahboula, kuwait
age: 56
height: 5'8"
weight: 180 lbs

Favourite Nickname: Himar 
(Himar actually means "Monkey" in arabic, it was given to me
by one of my friends, because he knows i love monkeys so much)
Hobbies: Feeding my pet monkeys, playing with them, fooling around with friends
Weird things that i do: play horsey with my monkeys, run around
pretending to be superman, giving monkeys a bath
Again, thank you mr. gillin, and may your wonderful website continue to grow and more power!
Jed M. Brioso