Jed Brogdon

Well, as you can probably tell my name is Jed as well.  I live in South Georgia and 
I am 21 years old.   I am a college student. 

I believe that my Mom got my name from a soap-opera in the seventies...I think 
someone that played on one that was really his name in the credits and that it
had a biblical meaning as well. 

I believe it is something like "Beloved of the Lord" Originally my Mom was to name me Jedidiah, but my Dad absolutely liked just Jed better.  So that is what it is. 

I came across the web-site just being silly at work typing everyones name in as a web
address and I came accross everyone thought it was cool!! 

They are all jealous that they don't have a web-site devoted to their name.

I can relate to everyone saying that no one understands what I am saying half the time when 
I say my name. 

I usually have to spell it, especially if I am in a crowded and noisy area.  And the Beverly Hillbilly song comes up everytime!!  Weekly it seems. 

Well I appreciate the web-site!!  I think it is very interesting and cool!!  Thanks!! 

Jed Brogdon