Jed Buckner

Hello and congratulations on a great website.  I discovered it looking for an 
old resume I had posted at one point (I still can't find it, but that's another story). 

My name is Jed Buckner.   I was born in Pasadena, CA to a 
father who thought of himself as a mountain man at heart.  When I was 2 years 
old, he made true to his dreams and moved my brothers (Clint and Matt) and 
his wife to Gold Hill, Colorado.  This old mining town is only 10 miles from 
Boulder, but still has the one room schoolhouse operating , dirt
roads and  only 130 residents.  At 8,500' elevation and with a view of the
Continental  Divide, it is truly a mountain setting befitting of names such as Clint, Jed  and Matt.

I have always loved my name.  No one ever had to ask "which Jed?" when 
inquired about me.  It has always given me a sense of identity. 

The only  disadvantage, I suppose, is when people can't hear it.  "Jeff?", no Jed, 
"Judd", no J-e-d, "Jack?", "Jared?".... I'm sure you've heard them all. 

Another problem was when I lived and studied in Spain (I have a degree in Spanish). 

In Spain they don't have names like "Jed".  They pronounced it  something like gds. 
(Indeed, one time an old man left me a note, it started  with those very letters to represent my 
name:  Gds, la cena .....)

I spent several years leading bike tours in Europe for a great company  (http// and now 
live in Hawaii, on the wonderful island  of Maui.  I am running a vacation rental business with my wife. 

Check us  out: 

Aloha from one Jed to another,

Jed Buckner