Jed Butler

My Name is Jedidiah William Boyd Butler.  William from my dad, Boyd from my grandpa.  Jed for short.  I was born Dec 29 1982, in a small town in the middle of CA, USA.  Jed was the only name both my parents could agree on.  Other options inlcuded Argent, and Xavier.  I like Jed.  It often gets confused with similar sounding names (Jeff, Jarod, Jet, Judd, Jen, Jim), so I often spell my name immediately following telling it to someone.  Every once in a while I make it to a Jedidiah clothing sale (company based out of San Diego) and persuade them for a free shirt.  I also teach math and coach volleyball at a high school. 

Favorite Cheesy math joke:
"What did zero say to eight?"..."Nice belt."

Glad to be a Jed,
Jed Butler