jed capuy 
Jed Capuy
Hey Jeds,

My name is Jed Capuy. I am part of the surprisingly large
Filipino-American sub-culture of I guess you can
call me a "real" Jed (not short for anything). I go to
school at UGA in Athens,GA.

I mean you guys all know the hassle of trying to introduce
yourself in a loud bar, but in any new classroom in the South
my professors always look to the biggest redneck and call out
my name during roll call for a new class. Then they try to
play it off when I tell them I'm the Jed.

From what I gather, the name Jed seems to automatically
qualify you as either a ladies man or at least guy generaly
well liked because of an indefinable yet funny quirkiness.

I personally enjoy Stratocasters, Madden Football, G4, ESPN,
The Colbert Report, Pink Floyd, SRV, JM3, Jager Bombs and

Jed Capuy