Jed Cazier
Jed, oh what a name!

That name is very special, and very unique. Perhaps mine is more unique because 
it is not short for Jedediah, as many think, but it is short for Jedekiah

Usually, people call me Jed, which is cool, but lately I've been asking them to call me Jedekiah 
because that name is much more unique.

My father, who I'm sure was un-aware at the time, came up with this:
Jedediah means: Friend of God (Or at least in the book we had)
Zedekiah means: God is Great   So I guess that would make my name one of 
two things, which one I have not decided. 1. Great friend God,  or  2. God is a great friend.

Although, I believe both are true. Thanks for having a cool page, what you are doing is great.

Jedekiah Cazier