Jed Chew


What an honor it is to be among the pantheon of Jed's through the ages! My name is derived biblically not from Jedidiah but from a minor priest named Jedaiah.

I've been given all the usual monikers, from Jedi to Jeddy, but the one that takes the cake is probably my Roman equivalent Jeddicus. Particular pleasure is derived at my expense when the sibilant consonant is dragged out for twelve characters--an inordinately long time in an otherwise casual conversation.

Being an Asian Jed is rare. Due to my accent, a lot of people, of all races, usually appellate me Jack or Jet.

But the best story is when I was in 8th grade and introduced myself to my social studies teacher. He looked at me for a second and cracked, "Jed. That's the whitest name I've heard for an Asian!"

Cheers and blessings to all!

Jed Chew