Jed Cline

Hi, I was messing around online and happened to run across

I think this is a really cool site, probably because I am named Jed.

My full name is Jedidiah Cline, so yes, Jed is my real given name. It is 
both blessing and curse I suppose, it is easy for others to remember, once 
they realize that my name is not Chad, Jet, Jay, or Jeb, yet I have heard 
the Beverly Hillbillies theme song more times than I care to remember. 

Although that really doesn't bother me, since Jed Clampett did get filthy 
rich and move to California. I have noticed that people tend to put more 
emphasis on the name Jed, maybe people like saying it or something.

Anyway, I like the site, keep up the good work.
A Jed Forever,

Jed Cline