Jed Coates

I just visited your website. What can I say? Cool.. way cool. Never saw so 
many Jeds in one place before!

The way I found you is this: I saw the name Jedediah Smith somewhere and I 
was intrigued. (Don't run across too many Jeds.) I put the name into the 
HotBot search engine and came up with a link for Jed Link's webpage. I wrote 
him a note just to say hello since I've never known any Jeds other than 
myself. He wrote back and gave me the address of your webpage.

My name is Jed Coates (Jedediah Bates Coates) and I live in Marblehead, 
Massachusetts. I guess my mother got lost in the Bible when she named her 
kids. I have four younger brothers named Noah, Enoch, Levi (Leviticus) and 
Elijah. I'm pretty sure Jedediah has been used in my family before by a 
couple of great great+ grandfathers. (We've been in this town since the 
1600's.) I've never run across another Jed in real life but I know of a 
local guy whose name was Joseph Edward Duffy and people called him Jed from 
his three initials.

The most annoying thing to me is being called Jeb or Jeff. One lady on my 
paper route when I was a kid used to call me Jethro because she only 
remembered my name was "something biblical." grrrr...

Well, I've only visited your website briefly. I'll have to go back and check 
out all those other Jeds. I didn't think there could be so many! :-) 

The Jed site is a great idea!! 

Take care. later... Jed