jed coffin
Jed Coffin
Jed here. Jed Coffin, that is.

Fun site. Came across it a couple of years back and have enjoyed checking in periodically.

The derivation of my nickname was one of practicality. I was born John
Foster Coffin, IV. In other words, I entered a domain that already sported a
"John", John Foster Coffin, III.

In an effort to minimize the potential identity crises that would befall my fragile psyche, should I prove to be
unprepared to adapt to the fact that two Johns would be simultaneously roaming the homescape as I was growing up, my folks took
"John" and my "red" hair color, and I was christened "Jed".

It stuck pretty good, over the years. Professionally, I go by "John" or"J.F."
these days, but it doesn't take long, once someone gets to know me, for "Jed" to reappear.

Thanks for the site, Jed,

... Jed Coffin