Jed Cole

Hi Jed.
Wow this is incredible. I never imagined so many Jeds. My friend Chris sent me this link and I am really grateful to him for doing so. Let me tell you a bit about myself. My full name is Jared Arthur Newnham Cole. I live in Brighton, UK. I Was born on June 19th 1982.
This is how I got the name Jed. When I was younger my relatives in Northern Ireland saw me as a small child. They needed a suitably babyish sounding name. So Jared became Jeddy and Jeddy turned into Jed. And here we are. Jed is now what everyone calls me all of the time.
By a strange coincidence I met someone called Jed in a pub just two nights ago. His real name was Jethro. Although people had told me they new other Jeds, this was the first one I had ever met. Having an unusual name, particularly 'Jed',  is really great we agreed.
Thank you to Jed Gillin for setting up this website. And thanks to all the other Jed's in the world. Together we are more.
Jed Cole