Jed Collins

Well i'm a jed! I am 14 and i live in South Wales in the UK.

My real name is James Collins, But everyone calles me jed. It all began when i was in the 
South of France 2 years ago with my school.

My friend Andy got drunk and started writing down peoples names, when he got to mine he was 
so out of it that he couldn't spell it, and he ended up writing "Jed" instead of "James". 
Everyone found it so funny that it stuck and even my parents call me Jed!

My main thing in life is my band. I am in a 3 peice Grundge band called "Mechanical Fish". 
We are travelling to London in a month to record an album titled "The Dumbing Effect". 
We have been together for a year, and we perform all of our own material. 

Cheers guys, and can i say "Rock On" to all of the Jeds in the World!

Jed Collins