Jed  Cuaresma

My name is Jed Cuaresma.  I am 17 years old and live in Stockton 
California.  I have always wanted to put my name in your site so
today i finally decided to let you know.

The way i got the name Jed is because my dad took the J out of
Joanne (his sister), E from Ernie (brother), and D from daryl(brother) and
put the name together.  He wanted a nice three letter word because our whole 
families name has three letters.

As you can see my name appears "Hed" in my signature and when
you saw the email.  That is because over time my friends started calling me
"Hed"  because I am half mexican and mexicans say there j's like our h's. 
so they started calling me hed.  A lot of girls call me jeddy, jedders, or
one even jedded.  So you can see that i get called a lot of names just for
having the name jed.

Having the name jed and not really meeting anyone else named jed
is great.  Many people tell me they like my name and that they once knew
someone named jed.

My band teacher after every practice for marching band or performances 
would say WHATS THE FIRST THING YOU KNOW? and we would all respond
JEDS A MILLIONARE!!!  I never got the joke until i actually heard the song
on TV one day.

Thanks for everything.
Jed Cuaresma