jjed daiger 
Jed Daiger
I'm 27 years old and grew up in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. I'm currently employed as an Information Technology Analyst for a large entertainment company in Orlando, Florida. My degree is in Music Education, so a lot of people ask me how I ended up in IT (computers). If you study a little psychology, you'll find that the same part of the brain is responsible for a lot of the tasks involved both in math and music. I'm not actually good at the application of math, but I guess I'm good enough at the theory!
My dad is a big history buff, and one day a professor asked him to read a book about this guy named Jedediah Strong Smith. WOW. Then, many years later, when my parents were trying to think of a name for their firstborn son, Jedediah won all the bets. (As an aside, I love my name, but I may never know exactly what my parents were smoking when they thought, "Jed, that's a good name.")
Kudos to Jed Gillin for the great site. For more information about me check out my photo albums at www.jeddaiger.com or e-mail me at jed@daiger.com.

Jed Daiger