Jed Dalton

Hello all,
I too am a Jed. Jedediah Dalton. I'm not sure how my name was picked but I think it has something to do
with the Bible. My dad grew up in the Catholic school system (he told my brother and I the horror stories)
and at that time he was very much into the word of God. My brother has 2 Biblical names one being Noah
and there is me with 2 also. I was always told my name means the "Hand of god." It makes think of that whole
"I'll strike down upon the with great fury."  Were all of us sent to destroy? I think not. 

It seems that most of us are good natured. In school I of course heard the Beverly Hillbillie's theme twice a day but that's ok. But other than that not too much. I am proud of my name and it seems most people like it too.It's
definitely an ice breaker. I live in Studio City, CA and I just do enough to get by. I like it that way.

And to all of the Jed's in the world good luck and good fortune. All Hail the JED.
My website is

jed dalton