Jed Daniel

My name is Jedediah (Jed) Jerome Daniel. Everyone calls me Jed.  I will be 8 years old on April 29th.  I got my name from a song that Jerry Garcia wrote.  It is called "Tennessee Jed."  My parents and I love the Gratedful Dead. (My middle name is for Jerry (Jerome) Garcia. 

When I was in preschool, people used to call me Jet instead of Jed and sometimes people call me Jeb.  When I was in first grade, my friends called my Mom Mrs.  Ediah because they thought my first name was Jed and my last name was Ediah.

I like to play soccer, baseball, kickball, basketball, and football.  I have an older brother Sam, a dog Shane, and three cats, Ruben, Chess, and Checkers.  I like this website because it's about people named Jed!!


Jed Daniel 3/23/05