Jed Daniels


My name is Jed. Jedediah in fact. Jedediah Emerson Daniels. I was
named after my grandfather John Edward Daniels. (When he was in the
Military, they called him Jed, and since I have an older brother
named Jonathan, my parents couldn't name me John. By the time I was born,
everyone called my grandfather Jack, so I never understood how I
could be named after him until I was much older.)

Jedediah is a cool name. I wouldn't trade it for the world. It made
me what I am today. However, there are some terrible nicknames that come
along with it. And of course I know the whole theme song to The
Beverly Hillbillies as well as quite a few igenious parodies.

Oh yeah, here is some info about me: Jed Daniels, currently a
resident of Silly Valley California. I do some sort of Network Security type
stuff for a big company that sells a lot of tiny phones.

For more information about me, Jed Daniels, please visit my web site,

Jed Daniels