Jed Davis


Kind of a roundabout way I discovered you.  I was just kicking around a few 
domain name ideas and thought I'd check to see if Jed was registered.  
Here I am. 

I share my name derivation with many others on this list.  I was born James 
Eduard Davis, Jr.  My mother shuddered to think my fathers relatives would 
call me "Junior" as they did him and insisted on calling me Jed.  I have 
never known any other (printable) name. 

What was once an elementary school nightmare (come and listen to a 
story....) is now a professional asset.  Very few people forget a name like 
Jed.  As the Washington, DC metro area is known as the land of acronyms, I 
fit right in. 

The only other Jed's I have run across are a photographer for the Baltimore 
Sun - Jed Kirtchenbaum (sp?) and a musician from New York named Jed Davis. 

Nice to find myself part of the brotherhood. 


James E. "Jed" Davis, Jr.

Carroll Technology Services