Jed Davis

Ever since I can remember I have been called "Jed". 
My parents named me Jason Eric Davis, and decided that there were too many Jason's out there.

So that's how I became an acronym.  It's funny, as a kid other kids would say things like "Jed, Jed, wet the bed" and got a real kick out of my "easy rhyming name".

Growing up I hated the name.  I thought there had never been anyone cool named "Jed".  I was referred to by some friends as "Jethro" and one got the biggest kick out of whistling the theme to "the Beverly Hillbillies". 

I moved far away from my hometown and as luck would have it, one of my new friends started dating a girl from my elementary school.  He mentioned his friend "Jed" and she pulled out her yearbook.  Same Jed. ;)  (This never would have happened with a "Mike" or "John")

I found a banner recently for my web page that said "100,000 Jed Davis Fans can't be wrong". 
Not sure who that guy is... maybe a musician.

I've tried changing my name to "Jason" with every move I make, every new job, etc.  But EVERY time... "Jed" creeps it's way back into my life. :)

Anyway.. here I am.  I tried (out of pure boredom) typing in the URL and tadda.  I'm just
dissapointed that I didn't think of it first!  ;)

Glad to be among the Jeds,
Jed Davis