Jed Davis

Hi Jed! 

What a great site!  I never realized there were so many Jeds out there. Mine is actually a planned nickname.  
My parents named me James Edward Davis with the intention of calling me by my initials, Jed.  So I've been
Jed since I was born, even though I've had to correct people at school, work, the doctor's office, etc.  
It actually takes me a while to respond to James when people call me that.  
I think that makes me a true Jed at heart.
I was born in Wilmington, Ohio, 20 years ago, but moved to Dallas, Texas when I was eight, 
so I have a "yankee" accent here in Texas. Everyone assumes my name is Chad when I say it because apparently Jed is pronounced "jay-ud" and I just didn't know it.
My mom overheard me on the phone one time explaining my name by telling the person on the other end of the line "Yes, Jed, as in 'Come and listen to a story. . .'"  She told me she didn't name me after him, and I'd better cut that out if I knew what was good for me.  So, now I introduce myself, as I'm sure so many of you do as "Jed, J-E-D" (Sometimes followed by "No, D as in Delta")
Anyway, I'm really glad to see so many Jeds out there, and that
there is a place for us to congregate and share our stories.  
Proud to be a Jed,
Jed Davis