jed dearybury
Jed Dearybury
My name is Jed Dearybury. I am 29 years old and I
currently live in Boiling Springs, SC

I am a school teacher currently in my 6th year in education.

I became a Jed the day I was born.... My full name is John Edwin
Dearybury III My initials...JED.... Only one person has ever called
me by my given name.... Mrs. Miller, my second grade teacher... I am
glad I became a teacher so I could call kids by the name they liked best......

I have been called just about ever nickname under the sun
that goes with Jed...

Jeddy Bear
Jeddy Poo

My personal favorite...Jedburg.... There is town in South Carolina
with that name and a great friend of mine lived in the neighboring
town.. I would love to hear from other Jeds or anyone else
who reads this.... I love meeting new people!!!

email me at

Jed Dearybury