Jed Deaver
You've got to lighten up on the Jedster thing!  Of course, I'm biased:
Ok, so there's no content there, but I like the name. 
Hated Jedster?  Bah!  Learn to be one with your Jedness.
And another thing: I'm not on your list.  I'm an "initial" Jed (JED are my initials) but it is the only
name I have ever gone by.  I think it's cool.  I like your list of Jeds.  In fact, on one of my early web sites I had a listing of the Jeds I had found on the internet.  Of course, that was in 93 and I only found about 10 or so.
So, please add me to your list and ease up on Jedster would you?
Cool site.
 Jed Deaver
(and the first Jedster ever listed on the internet)