Jed Distler
My friends, family, colleagues, and people in the arts know me as JED DISTLER, but my legal name is 
JOHN EDWARD DISTLER, from which my parents derived Jed within minutes of my birth on December 8th, 1956. 

I vividly remember my first day of Kindergarten, and not responding when the teacher
asked for "John" during role call. That's because no one had ever called me John. And no one has.

I'm a composer, pianist, writer, and Artistic Director for ComposersCollaborative, Inc, a presenting organization 
devoted to new music that I founded with my wife Célia Cooke. If all this sounds enticing,
check out my bio on our website:
then feel free to further explore our website.

Outside of my professional obligations, I enjoy films of all kinds (especially American film noirs by Sam Fuller 
and German directors like Fritz Lang and Edgar G. Ulmer), my enormous and shockingly eclectic music collection, 
lots of reading, sight-reading piano four hand arrangements of chamber and symphonic repertoire, trading live recordings 
of piano material,opera broadcasts, and Grateful Dead concerts, snorkeling in Virgin Gorda,
walking on beaches in the Northeast of Brazil, and eating grilled sardines for late dinners in Lisbon. 

When I have time, I enjoy cooking eclectic vegetarian fare.

Jed Distler