Jed Divinagracia

Hi, to all the Jeds out there. My name is Jed Divinagracia.

The reason I got this name was that My dad's name started with J and my
Mom's name started with an E and our last name starts with a D. So it
is not an abbreviation of any biblical name like some Jeds. 

I'm from the Philippines but for some strange reason, the name Jed is not
so rare here. I know of five other Jeds, two of them personally. One is
a distant cousin and the other one is my wife's, sister's son who was,
I guess, named after me. Go figure. 

Also there is a Jed's Store and a Jed's Diner here which I take to mean that their owners are Jed's too.
I was just messing around my computer when I accidentally went to this site. 
I used to get called Jedi specially when the star wars movie came out. 
Come to think of it, a couple of people still do even though I'm 31 now.

Jed Divinagracia