jed doane
Jed Doane

Hey whats up fellow JED........Please add me to the list.....Im 25 yrs old and living in southern california.....I got my name from my fathers initals John Edward Doane J.E.D. . My mom was going to name me John jr but wanted something diffrent..........All of my dads stuff is marked J.E.D. so anytime he gives me something that was his, it already has my name on it.....My full name is Jedediah Forrest Doane

I enjoy being a jed cause i don't meet many other people with my name. My nick name is red eye jedi........I like racing bmx bikes and building and racing gas powerd R/C cars in my spare time. Anyways hope you can add me as i would enjoy being on your website. I sent you a e mail before when i had a web tv, but i dont think you got it because i'm still not on the site..
I know you're probably a very busy man, what with you being a famous jed and all, but when you have time please add me ...And when ya do if you could drop me a email that would be very cool. Anyways  have a good one ......tHAnx
Jedediah Forrest Doane