jed "jedlie" doherty
Jed Doherty
Hey Jeds!

What a cool site. I am Jed Doherty. Although Jed is my
nickname it is the name I have used all my life. There are two
versions of the story as to how I got the name Jed. The
first part of the story is not in doubt. I was named George
after my father. My mother agreed to let be named George as
long as I was given a nickname because she did not want me
to be called junior or junie or little George. My mother
claims that my father said "ok, let's combine his initials, G
E D and call him Jed." (Dad was a good guy but spelling was
definately not his strong suit.) My grandmother claimed
that my parents combined her initials, Julie Elizabeth
Doherty, to honor her. Whatever the origin of the name it having
the name has blessed me with many funny stories.

The first happened in First Grade. On the first day of
school at the end of roll call the teacher asked if anyone had
not been called. I raised my hand and told her "you missed
me, Jed Doherty." She looked at her list and asked what my
address was. When I told her she said, "I called your name,
your name is George Doherty."

"No" I explained "That is my father's name, my name is Jed"
She insisted I was wrong. There were also two other
Dohertys in my class, my cousins Jay and Billy. They both stood up
and testified that in fact my name was Jed not George. We
must have been very insistent because the teacher got so
frustrated she sent me home from school and told me not to
come back until I learned what my name is.

When I arrived at home my mother was shocked. "Why are you
home so early?" she asked. I explained what had happened.
"Oh", she said, "I knew there was something I forgot to tell
you this morning."

I am now 47 years old. I am the proud father of Christopher
and Alejandra, (Yes, Alejandra Doherty, a good irish name),
and husband of the beautiful Sonia. I am a full time
professional clown and magician and go by the stage name of
Jedlie. (pronounced Jed Lee, I guess I got my dad's spelling
genes.) I primarilly perform educational shows at schools
throughout the East Coast, focusing mainly on the Boston to
Philadelphia corridor.

Folks can visit my web site at .

By the way, I did not know about Jeddadiah Smith. I had
been told by the good Jesuit priests at B C High the there
once lived a midevil virgin monk who wrote of the benifits of
chastity by the name of Jed. I have not been able to
confirm this.

Rock on fellow Jeds!

Jed Doherty