Jed Douglas on left and Marcus
Howdy to all the jeds!   What a great site and a cool place for all the jeds to meet.  I saw a few other just jeds out there and I am one too.  I actually tell people that is what my birth certificate says "just jed".  Always good for a few laughs.  It seems that all the other jeds know the origin of their name except for me.  I need some help here since my father can't remember all the details.

In 1959 there was a television show with the lead character named Sebastian. He was an investigator or psychologist or something like that.  He had an assistant named Jed, who was played by an actor named Doug McClure.  That is how I got my name.  If anyone remembers the name of the show I would greatly appreciate an email to let me know. inspired me to ask my folks how I got my name, seems like I shouldn't have waited 37 years to ask such a question but it just never came up.  When I was young I swore I was going to change my name when I turned 18 but by the time I reached that age I realized how cool it was to be individualistic.  I have met a handful of jeds in my life but none of the jeds at sound familiar yet.  I have lived in New York, Florida, Arizona, and now the San Francisco Bay Area in California.  I like the idea of the "jed of the month club", suggested by one of the other jeds.  Please feel free to visit my web site where you can click on my name and get my life history.  Keep up the  good work!

Jed Douglas

Jed & Kim Douglas
McKinleyville, California