Jed Elkins with son Jessie

Hello, my full name is even more odd - Jedward Elkins II.

My grandmother came up with that one. I am named after my Dad, who
has passed away, and neither of us have a middle name. I suppose we didn't need one.

The usual names were given by class-mates throughout school: Jethrow,
Jedrow, Clampett, and Bodene???
But I also had to endure being called: Word, J. Edward, and Pelicans.(Elkins)

I was born in 1973.
I have one kid 3 years old named Jesse which was my Grandfather's
name. (Jesse James Elkins)

I'm the bass guitar player for the band Hammertown - a heavy,
alternative, Christian Rock band.

Glad to be JED

Jed Elkins