Jed Fajman


i was browsing sites, and i thought that it would be funny if there 
was a, and there is.  At first i was shocked at this, then i came to 
realize that it was pretty neat.  My real name is Jedediah Fajman, and i get 
frequent comments on how unique my name is.  I was named after somebody in 
the past who's last name i do not recall at the moment.
Describing myself, i am six foot 2 inches, i weigh 129 (yes, i am extremely skinny), 
i am a high school varsity pitcher, and play street hockey (typical teen stuff).  

Once again, i am pleased that you have a site dedicated to jed's, and i would be 
delighted if you would add me...thanks in advance, whether or not i get 
accepted, my homepage (via aol) is   it has almost 
nothing to do with me, and my nickname happens to be Diah, it is something 
between me and my friends...if you need me to be more descriptive about 
myself, please let me know, and i will try my best...
~Mental Psychosis~
Jed Fajman