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Jed Flechtner

 I was a bit incredulous upon finding this site. I mean, COME ON! When your name is Jed, one of the things you get used to is that when you see your name, its you being referred to, not like when you're a John or a Bill, and you see your name it could be anyone! So now you've made me feel diminished. Especially when I read how you arrived at your name, since my mother hurriedly named me an acronym for my father, grandfather and great grandfather: J-ames, E-dward, and D-avid. Hurriedly, because I was intended to be a baby girl to be named Joli (she never even considered the need for a Plan-B), and almost rejected me when the nurses brought me to her arms and I wasn't Joli material.
  Actually, I felt this way once before 35 years ago in college when preposterously, there were 3 Jeds in my American Lit class of only 30 students. The instructor couldn't believe it either.
  So anyway, I stay here in a small town where there is very little chance I'll be confronted with any other Jeds and I reign supreme. In fact I have my own little kingdom as the manager of an apartment complex. My claim to fame is that 25 to 30 years ago  at the behest of my girlfriend, I was the king of "slams", a little known hobby of mainly female devotees and a few gay guys...which is scary since I'm not gay. So here I am, FYI... just another Jed (beloved of God, that's not bad anyway).
   Jed D. Flechtner
   Granville, Ohio