Jed Frame

My name is Jedediah Christopher Frame, my friends call me Jed.  I
was born in a rustic old log cabin high in the mountains of Colorado,
just north of Crested Butte, in the old town site of Elkton.  Being born
a mountainman I was also named after one, Jedediah Smith.  I have read
most of the mountain man books and have turned the area I was born into
a rustic backcountry retreat.  I love the exploration of the west and
wish I too could be thefirst to see lands not before seen, and follow
the rivers to their source. I am a mountain man at heart.

I enjoy camping, hiking, skiing, snowboarding snow shoeing,
avalanche safety, telemark skiing, rock climbing, swimming, and probably
anything else relating to outdoors.  I also enjoy, more than anything,
learning.  Right now I am learning many different ways of being self
sufficient.  From offthe grid power supply to not having "a job" to
being able to build my own home.  Like the mountain man Jedediah Smith,
outside of society there are no rules only moral values.
Because of my name I have had amazing support doing the unordinary.
Also others always remember my name and my life style.  Sometimes I am
called Mountain Jed or Jed the Wilderness Man, I don't mind and these
things help my cabin rental business.  I don't like to be called Chad,
Jeb, Jethro, orJudd.  My very closest friends call me Dej Emarf - Jed
Frame backwards, it's weird how child's play can stick forever.

I am proud to be Jed / Jedediah

Jed Frame