jed fuller
Jed Fuller
Hey Jed!  I'm a Jed too and I love your website. 

It's awesome to see other Jeds in this world even though
I am the king of all Jeds. 
All other Jeds may feel free to honor me as the king and I will take
applications for other royal positions.

My full name is Jedidiah Christian Fuller and like other
Jeds, people always call me Jeb, and I hate it.  Other than that, being named
Jed is great.  My name is only three letters long so I can write down my name
a lot faster than every one else.

I've been a Jed for 23 years and hope to be for the rest of my life too.  I
can't wait to have kids so I can name my son Jed Jr.   And he'll name his
son Jed III, and he'll name his son Jed IV, and he'll name his son Jed V.
It'll be great.  The royal throne of Jed's will be passed
down in my family for all of eternity.

I'll end with my life philosophy, "Early to JED, early to
rise, makes a man healty, wealthy, and wise!!!"

And one other thing, I'm thinking about inventing a new
type of treadmill that's just for Jeds.  I'm going to call it the 'Jedmill'!!

Jed Fuller Rules (and all other Jeds are pretty great too).