Jed Gardner

I just want to thank you for creating this site, it is very comforting to know that there are hundreds of other Jeds running around being Jed; that i am not alone in this endeavor.    
being a Jed is not as easy as it looks, as you know. In fact i've found that being Jed requires a constant conscentrated effort; at least if am to be a Jed of any worth to this world. You see, the name Jedadia comes from the ancient hebrew, meaning 'loved by God,' and being known to the world as verb past tense would appear to require that you have some ability to embody that verb, namely to behave as if you actually are loved. This means that, as a Jed, i have found it necessary to live a life of love, simply to avoid having everybody i know lying to me all the time. However, being filled with love is very hard. The only way i've found that this is possible for me is to love life, and those around me. this is not always an easy endeavor, seeing as there is much in life that is quite unlovely, and many people are hardly worth loving at all. Still, everywhere i go people remind me of this duty; I can barely go five minutes before someone is calling me 'Jed' again. So, i've found that this particular definition of love is very helpful in accomplishing this mission, as it carries with it a particular plan of action rather than some ethereal, high-minded concept: to love is to embrace the Good, while either changing or ignoring the bad. This means that being Jed is to embrace the good in the world while attempting to change whats wrong with it. No easy task, but one i've found very fulfilling, perhaps to the point of defining who i am...

-jed gardner