Jed George

Hey Jed-  I was in the gym the other day when I found out there was such a website as this.  First, my name is actually Jedidiah.  If I don't qualify to be on the website I understand and you can stop reading the rest of this e-mail.  But, if other derivatives of Jed are okay then I am happy to be on-board.  Second, both versions of my name the long and the short always raise a question or two.  Usually they think it is Jay or they think I say Chad during introductions, which is in fact one of my brothers name, so it takes a minute to clarify.  I think my experiences are similar to the other Jed's out there because I always here the comment about either being Jewish or Amish, of which I am neither.  The name Jedidiah is biblical, so there is usually a bit of conversation involved with that.  Actually an interesting little tid-bit is that when translated the name Jedidiah means, "God's darling".  While this fact maybe debatable when it comes to me personally, I just learned that a couple of months ago when listening to a sermon that was recorded at my brothers church.  The name Jedidiah was actually the other name for Solomon, but was hardly ever used by his family or those who wrote of or about him.  Thirdly, I love the fact that the name Jed is unique.  There is something to be said about having a name that spawns a website and to find we are a couple hundred amongst 7 billion is fascinating.  It is always great to here the attempt at pronunciation and its nice not to have a generic name.  Well, I appreciate you taking the time to start this website and to post those who qualify.  I look forward to hearing a response in any case. 
Jedidiah George
Option One Mortgage Corporation
Underwriter II - Orlando North
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