Jed Gibbs
hi jed

like the idea for your website!

I'm the jed who is cornering jednets - well a few.

I'm jednet@hotmail (useful for instant messenger),, and happily jednet@gmail now but not the .com (can't be greedy)

ran a design and print company for seven years called jedset -
typesetters round here were called ableset and alphaset and such.
The company folded and i moved into web design and
teaching, and jedset became jednet

new project

I like short names - imps took some thinking to get it

my jed is john ernest darnley - my grandfathers' and
father's names

john was my mum's dad, ernest my dad's dad, darnley my dad

i was almost ernest darnley john - but what kind of name is
edj for a guitar player?

I have always been called jed except by salesmen and credit
cards - a good reminder that money is different from real life.

i tried being john for a year at college - got suicidal and
tried 4 times - reverted to jed and not tried since!

best wishes for your jed site



Southampton UK