Jed Gillen

Strange enough to find a website devoted to people with the same uncommon first name as me... even stranger to find such a site run by someone who shares my last name as well!

There is a character in Citizen Kane named Jed, and that is where my parents got the name; little did they suspect in the early seventies how much more enduring the Hillbillies would be in comparison to this classic film.  In addition to "Jethro", the nicknames which have cropped up repeatedly throughout my life have been variations on the full names associated with other -ed names: Jedward, Jedrick... that sort of thing.

I don't like being called "Jay", "Jeff" or "Chad" every time I meet somebody
for the first time, but I look at it this way: people named Jay, Jeff and
Chad have to be called that EVERY time!

~Jed Gillen